– The interview –

A few months after the release of his “WINKK” signature edition headphones, Quentin Mosimann, the superstar DJ, offered us a short interview inbetween two gigs.

  • RED SOLE is your latest single.
    Can you give us more details about its production, did you get any help?

    Indeed, "Red Sole" is my latest track, besides the remix of “Feel the vibe” for Bob Sinclar, but I’m also about to release "Jetlag" in two weeks or so, via "Change Your Mind Records", my label. I try to be in the studio as much as I can, but I often create new tracks on the move (planes, trains) during my tours, and I usually finalise them in the studio when I get a few days off between two concerts. I sometimes work alone, but also with other artists stopping by the studio. I like sharing ideas, it’s super creative.

    Working on a new album?

    Things go really quickly in the EDM world, we keep piling up tracks without necessarily releasing albums. I produced many underground club tracks lately and I’m going to focus again on mainstream tracks that radios can actually broadcast. We’ll know if I can produce a new album by assessing this work, but this also depends on record labels. But we’re not there yet, and I’ll have to spend many hours in studio and on stage first!

  • You are on tour across China before going back to France, did you notice any difference in the atmosphere or behaviours abroad?

    I love going to Asia, I usually tour the region 3-4 times a year. It’s a very different culture from a country to another, it depends on their knowledge of EDM really, of DJs who often come and play in their country. I know that China, just as Korea, Japan or Indonesia love the "French Touch" and DJs ranked among the Top100 Djs. I am lucky enough to stand in this Top 100 for the 3rd consecutive year now and to be French so I’m always incredibly well received there. This audience really loves live performances and shows.

    Are you currently listening to new DJs? Did you find any talented ones?

    Of course! I receive a very significant number of demos and I listen to every one of them, even if I can’t answer to everybody. I am always looking for the latest trends and tracks. By the way, I recently signed a new electro artist on my label, Deed, and I certainly expect to sign more artists to give them a chance to grow. There are many very good yet unknown producers, but I have to admit there are also lots of really bad stuff… Fortunately, it is really easy to spot the difference between people who got talent, and people who don’t.

  • Any advice for people who want to start mixing?

    Unfortunately, there is no "magic bullet" nor secret: you need to work hard, always remain thirsty for all kinds of music, listen to as much music as you can to broaden your musical culture. Mixing is different than producing, you need to feel your track, have technical skills, perfectly know your hardware and listen to people.
    We must never forget, above all, that our job is to make people dance.

  • Many thanks to Quentin for his kindness and his time

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